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B810 Group

What we do

We supply a range of continuously
evolving products and services.

Multidisciplinary skills for cutting-edge solutions

In our group, complementary figures specialising in different sectors, from Automotive to the Internet Of Things, work together.
The synergy between individual skills, sharing information and practical experiences, represent added value in terms
of production efficiency, the quality of our products, services, relations and technological innovation.

EMS electronic component assembly

We produce printed circuit boards for the market using PTH and SMT technology. Our department occupies a bespoke site, where production activities are managed by coordinated working groups trained specifically and regularly.
The department is equipped to work with both Lead Free and Tin-Lead processes, covering all phases of the production cycle from assembly to shipping.

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EMS area services:
- Production of printed circuit boards.
- Prototyping, pre-series, small, medium and mass production.
- SMT, PTH and mixed SMT/PTH production
- Board assembly in containers, racks, cases, etc.
- Single face board process
- Spot or automatic wave or double wave welding
- Automatic active and passive SMT component positioning (from CHIP-0201, SOT, SOIC, QFP, PLCC, up to BGA)
- SMT glue dot processing, TOP soldering alloy, TOP & glue dot or Thermal profile in re-smelting oven checked with 4-probe profiler
- Fully automatic positioning and re-smelting line with loading and offloading.
- Optical centring with flying and fixed cameras
- Capacity approx. 70,000,000 components/year
- CAD import of positioning programme

Product tests:
- Automatic visual and functional tests.
- Endurance, destructive, stress conformity tests.
- EMC and low voltage compatibility tests according to the
standards in force.

Extra additional services:
- Study of customers' technical and production processes
- Integration with customer management systems: sharing of
technical documentation, phases and processes
- CAD drawings of printed circuit boards (PCB)
- Development of specific equipment (frames, templates, supports, etc.)
- Integrated logistics including packaging, storage and shipping

Area equipment:
- 3 SMT lines complete with optical controls (70,000 comp/h)
- Wave soldering with integrated automation
- AOI optical control system
- 4 ICT stations (In Circuit Test)
- 2 machines for selective Conformal Coating applications
- Laser marker
- Traceability management system for integrated products in the SMT assembly process
- Cold cell controlled by bespoke software to manage the soldering paste
- Vertical storage unit with automated trays
- 3 fitted stations for PCB reworking

Research and Development

An authentic design powerhouse, the R&D division creates innovative products allowing companies to become leaders in advanced connectivity processes.
We are proceeding with the implementation of a series of fully M2M products with many applications in the IOT (Internet Of Things) and IOE (Internet of Everything) fields.
Thus comes Bytt, meeting the need for change and interpreting requirements for living the evolution of needs to the full.

Logistics and transport

To satisfy the needs of the market, our teams work alongside our customers (in the automotive, industrial and telematics fields) to research solutions supporting the optimisation and management of infrastructures, processes and technologies. Our experience in reducing logistical and storage costs comes from our careful use of the latest supply chain management technologies. Products are transported directly from our production sites to the places indicated by the end customers.

Packaging and shipping

We support customers from initial packaging design to production, quality control and customised shipping to the distribution network.
Our 2,500 sqm Packaging and Shipping area is located strategically next to the Reggio Emilia exit on the A1 motorway. This facility, conveniently located for loading and unloading operations, allows us to fully manage orders, meeting the storage, picking and shipping needs of the packaged products.


Mechatronics plays a key role in meeting the modern concept of Smart Factory. We develop simple solutions for complex applications, contributing to creating the factory of the future.
Our customers increasingly demand effective solutions for ensuring the interaction of mechanics, electronics and computing, to automate production systems and simplify the work of man.
This demand involves the sophisticated design of processes, thus becoming one of the key phases of the development of our products.

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Product tests
- Automatic visual and functional tests.
- Endurance, destructive and stress conformity tests
- EMC and low voltage compatibility tests according to the
regulations in force.
- Rigidity, insulation and earth continuity tests
- Burning at nominal or increased voltage

Extra additional services
- Study of customers' technical and production processes, developing
bespoke equipment (frames, supports, etc.)
- Integration with customers' management systems
- Commercial and customs operations
- Integrated logistics, including packaging, storage, packing and shipping


Over the years we have developed specific skills in assembling power units, including modular three-phase, single phase UPS and Rack systems. Our 1,000 sqm production area includes an equipped testing laboratory. The department is run by highly qualified staff who also provide On-Site services for customers.
The main sectors of use of electromechanical technologies are: Civil, Industrial, Railways and Aerospace.

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UPS line characteristics
- Assembly of electrical panels and cabinets
- Semi-finished and finished products
- Electromechanical parts and units
- Frames, Cabinets, small metal works
- Completion with panelling
- Controlled torque screw tightening
- Assembly of power blocks on heat sinks
- Panel wiring
- Department capacity approx. 10,000 products per year

- Supply of components, screws, accessories, signal, power and flat cables
Picking and commissioning.
- Management of outsourced works, third party storage facilities,
materials counting, warehouse accounting
- Incoming quality control
- Uploading of transport documents into the Customer's management service via the Internet.
- Restocking with a lean production logic.
- Management of finished product warehouses on behalf of the customer.
- Management of batch traceability.

Product tests
- Automatic visual and functional tests.
- Endurance, destructive and stress conformity tests
- EMC and low voltage compatibility tests according to the
regulations in force.
- Rigidity, insulation and earth continuity tests
- Burning at nominal or increased voltage
- The equipment used is subjected to a strict routine maintenance programme

Extra additional services
- Study of customers' technical and production processes
- Integration with customers' management systems
- Packaging and packing
- Forwarding to final destination
- Commercial and customs operations
- Development of bespoke equipment (frames, templates, supports, etc.)
- Integrated logistics, including packaging, storage, packing and shipping

Refurbishment & RMA

Refurbishment is the change in product status, improving appearance or characteristics without modifying its original purpose.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) is the practice of returning a product which may have a manufacturing defect or fault in one of its components.
This control is carried out to establish if the identified defect cannot be resolved by the manufacturer, avoiding the problems of returned goods for the customer. A product RMA is not the same as a replacement, indeed the warranty indicates that the product must be repaired where possible.

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- Lengthening the product life cycle
- Updating its appearance and repairing any defects
- Restoring the original “usage value” of the product, reducing its commercial value
- Adding “services” or “utilities” that were not present in the previous release.
- Reducing the environmental impact which would be caused by not recovering the product
- Generating a perception of economic and other savings driving users to purchase the
products which otherwise they may not be able to afford.
- Ensuring a reduction in investments in machinery by the manufacturers, who can apply technological improvements without infrastructural investments.
- Allowing long-lasting industrial development plans by redistributing investments in structures and machinery over several years (multi-year amortization).

Internet Of Things

IOT is based on the idea of interconnected intelligent objects that exchange gathered and/or processed information.
In Italy, in 2015, millions of objects are connected via the mobile phone networks.
The Italian market for these innovations is growing mainly for Smart City and Smart Home solutions linked to environmental sustainability and infrastructural development.

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