At B810, our commitment is to our customers, our employees, the environment, and the community. Our mission is to generate enduring value, prioritizing quality, expertise, passion, and responsibility. Since our establishment in 2011, we have set the benchmark in electronics through our dedication to innovation, quality, and adaptability. Initially focusing on automotive electronics, we have since diversified our expertise to encompass power electronics, smart city solutions, mobility innovations, and IoT technologies.

We design to create value

We assemble to be leaders

We regenerate to get circular economy

Progettiamo per dare un valore aggiunto

Since 1977 each project has been meticulously conceived to meet the needs of our clients. We aim to be an active company that cares for the well-being of the community. We believe that every step towards satisfying those who choose to work with us is an investment in the development of goals that enhance sustainable industrial ethics.

Assembliamo per essere leader di mercato

Our mission is to become the forefront leader in sustainable electronics manufacturing. We advocate for ethical business practices by integrating intelligent solutions into both our products and processes. Our success underscores a strategic and innovative vision, recognizing the environmental challenges crucial for the future of our plane

Rigeneriamo per creare economia circolare

Since 2011 we have been regenerating products considered at the end of life by the market. We always involve our clients in responsible choices and strive to promote a culture of reuse. Our products are designed to be easily disassembled and reused, minimizing environmental impact in case of disposal. Our story tells constant researches for innovative solutions to extend the useful life of electronic components.


High flexibility and innovative solutions are B810 GROUP assets for services and products. We strongly support the values ​​of sustainable development and we are committed to future technology looking for new business processes.

The Italian history of connectivity

Excellence in electric charging

Travel safety for children

Innovazione in movimento

We are a global partner in various industrial fields of mechatronics. We assist clients in designing and implementing innovative solutions, from insurance telematics to industrial solutions. In the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) sector, we boast competitive production sites with significant technologies and certifications. Research and development drive our activities while customer service is our hallmarks thanks to speed, quality, and precision

La storia italiana della connettività

We are pioneers in the Italian history of connectivity, from the first modems appeared in 1977 to super-fast devices of nowadays. Our products stand out for their robustness and reliability always responding to the most stringent needs of the industrial sector. A tangible example is the elevator sector, where Digicom has successfully operated for over 20 years, providing reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions

Eccellenza nella ricarica elettrica

We offer charging solutions for electric vehicles AC and DC, starting from wall boxes to super-fast charging stations. A1Charge combines the experience and know-how of our partners in “Power Electronics” with Smart City expertise. We also have a customizable Web/Mobile platform for managing charge reservations and payments.

Sicurezza in viaggio per i più piccoli

Tippy is the innovative Bluetooth cushion that, placed in the child’s car seat, detects their presence, thus avoiding the danger of forgetting them in the car. It is the world’s leading product, and in Italy, it is mandatory for all children from 0 to 4 years old, as established by Article 172 of the Traffic regulations of November 7, 2019.

People at the heart of the b810 group

Our team is the added value of the B810 GROUP: women and men who every day put their professionalism and enthusiasm into the satisfaction of the customers who choose us.

We are convinced that people are our strength and we are committed to keeping their desire to grow alive with training programmes and socially useful initiatives involving local communities.

We aim daily for the well-being of our employees so that they feel listened to, appreciated and participate in the evolution of the B810 GROUP.