4D-TAG respects distances!

With the beginning of “Phase 2” and with the restarting of work, a responsible attitude on the part of everyone is needed more than ever.
In this regard, Digicom has developed the solution that provides for an evolution of its TAGs to help workers maintain the right distance without the need to use an APP.


4D-TAG is a wearable device that checks for similar devices nearby. If another 4D-TAG enters the range, checks its permanence and at the end of the defined time, activates the buzzer to signal the close distance between the two workers.

The solution is completed by a Bridge and a Gateway for connection to the Cloud for sending proximity reports in order to create an archive of “contacts”. All this while guaranteeing the anonymity of the worker.


Riccardo Pedroni, Digicom CEO, talks about it in an interview with the newspaper IL GIORNO.
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