B810 Group innovates supply chain management with Credemtel

Digital Transformation is an integral part of our business offering, which is why it is essential to apply it to our internal processes as well. B810 Group through its partnership with Credmtel has digitalized its Supply Chain for purchasing and procurement, automating the workflow for business agility and reactivity.

“Since our foundation in 2011, our focus has always been on business, but the explosive growth of our company’s activities has prevented us from structuring ourselves on crucial processes such as orders and purchasing management,” says Arturo Caprari, Purchasing Director of B810 Group.The boost from electronic invoicing and Pandemic has given an acceleration to the pilot project of Supply Chain digitization that B810 has joined. “The path, which we have undertaken together with Credemtel, has enabled us to have a platform that meets our needs. Working closely with suppliers we are customizing the solution’s functionality to our reality,” explains the manager.

The GAWSCM solution made available by Credemtel was created with the aim of offering a single tool to be able to dialogue with all suppliers in the ways most suitable for them, maximizing collaboration while minimizing IT interventions. The platform also makes it possible to benchmark the performance of different suppliers, vendor rating, and in particular to highlight ODT (on-time delivery), an increasingly important metric especially in the delicate phase of budget allocation. “Until recently, it was impossible to estimate supply risk. For those of us who deal with electronic components, procurement management, with lockdowns still occurring in China and conflicts affecting the energy market, is increasingly complex and it is crucial to be able to assess the performance of different suppliers in a timely manner. In a period of deep uncertainty about deliveries like the one we are experiencing, automated order rescheduling ensures maximum agility for the business, a goal we have achieved with the help of Credemtel,” Caprari concludes.

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