DT-22 Black Box: B810 Mobility together with TE Connectivity

Case Study dispositivo telematico DT-22:

B810 Mobility & IoT thanks to its new collaboration with TEconnectivity, has succeeded in creating an innovative telematics device (“Black Box”) that guarantees greater security and comfort by making the insurtech and mobility world increasingly connected.

The DT-22 is a new telematics device (also called B-Box) for the insurtech, asset tracking and fleet management markets.

Design challenges of the DT-22 black box.

The device integrates several algorithms to process location, trip tracking, driving style identification and accident identification/reconstruction to offer stakeholders comprehensive services such as stolen device recovery, geofencing for theft alarms, risk analysis and driver profiling.

The most common installation location is above the vehicle’s main battery, where the device is usually powered by it. The space available under the bonnet is limited and different for each vehicle, which imposes a strong constraint on the mechanical design of the device.

The solution from B810 and TE Connectivity.

This is why the R&D departments of B810 and TE Connectivity worked together to design a customised laser-directed structure (LDS) antenna. This technology allows any 3D conductive structure to be formed on a plastic moulded device, maximising space utilisation and leaving full freedom to design sophisticated conductive patterns to cover a wide bandwidth. (as required for cellular antennas)

After various simulations and tests, the LDS antenna, characterised by its optimal radiation efficiency and easy mounting method, was successfully integrated into the new DT-22 device design, meeting operational requirements even in dense urban environments where the connectivity signal level may be poor or insufficient.

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