Conference : INTERNET OF THINGS: CONNECTED OR extinct! April 13, 2018

2017 has been a very positive year for the Internet of Things (IoT), both in Italy and internationally. The market continues to grow at a sustained pace, in terms of value and maturity of the offer; the competitive arena lights up, with new global players increasingly playing a leading role in the market; the new LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) networks are expanded, alongside the first experiments on the 5G front; startups proliferate, with offers often complementary to those of large companies; strategies are evolved to enhance the data collected, with Privacy, Cyber ​​Security and the new Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are increasingly placed between the crucial aspects that companies must look to promote the development of reliable and attractive solutions on the market.

We are increasingly convinced that the potential of this fascinating paradigm represent elements that are now essential that the players at stake can no longer ignore, in any sector: from companies involved in the transformation process of their factories and supply chains (Industrial IoT), to Public Administrations that increasingly need to activate new collaborations with private actors for the creation of real Smart Cities, up to consumers, increasingly oriented towards the purchase of new smart solutions for the home (Smart Home), the car ( Smart Car), your health and free time. To do this you need to be able to keep up and implement the right strategies to better face the growing technological evolution taking place, with a huge and largely unexplored potential.

There will be several experts in the field including Marco Azzaloni, the Group Chief Commercial Officer of DIGICOM B810 group.
DIGICOM B810 group is partner of the Internet of Things observatory of the Milan Polytechnic.

Focus on 7 themes:

  • The value of the Internet of Things market in Italy and the most significant trends observed in 2017 worldwide;
  • The main technological innovations: the evolution of the new LPWA networks (Low Power Wide Area) and the role of platforms and sensors for the IoT;
  • The evolutions of the Smart Home competitive scenario in Italy and abroad and the role played by OTTs (Over-The-Top);
  • The role played by public-private partnerships and data sharing strategies between the various actors involved in the development of Smart Cities;
  • The main trends in the Industrial IoT field: application framework, technology evolution and role of the National Plan in the development process;
  • The evolution of the new Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the possible applications in the world of connected objects;
  • The role played by IoT startups in the innovation process.

The results of the research will be discussed with the main players in this market and with prominent representatives of the world of institutions and academic research.

Participation in the conference is free.

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