Smart Home devices: strong growth in the next 5 years

Smart home products are gradually expanding their market share, reaching a greater number of users who intend to provide their homes or offices with cutting-edge technology remotely controllable and more immediately.

IDC, the International Data Corporation, has carried out a market survey to understand which connected devices will be the biggest increase within the next five years. The product categories concerned include smart speakers, lighting, thermostats, video systems, home appliances and in particular security systems. On “smart” security, Digicom presented CASA PROTETTA. A self-installing smart home security system that is easy to use.

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It is useful for anyone who wants to make their home safer when they are at home, but especially in case of absence.
CASA PROTETTA, thanks to wireless sensors, positioned inside your home, detects any dangerous situations and alerts you via mobile APP on your smartphone.

With CASA PROTETTA you will be able to monitor the following events 24 hours a day:

  • power failure
  • flooding
  • presence of smoke
  • presence of Gas
  • movement
  • anti-intrusion