Digicom For Esselunga

From Monday 16/04/18 the new Fìdaty Esselunga Catalog will officially start: more compact, fresher, ever richer. We invite you to take a copy as always during your next Esselunga experience.

This time, however, there is something new: on the #Esselunga Catalog you will have the chance to have your first Tippy:

With 1100 POINTS + 24 € or FREE WITH 3500 POINTS

All the features of Tippy on the website

Discover the offer on the Esselunga website

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 Digicom’s IoT division offers services and products aimed at improving the quality of life from many points of view: family, home, city, car, etc. Here new generations of devices are born, which interact directly with the Internet, with and without SIM, with long-lasting batteries thanks to the different IoT technologies. Consumption, requests for help, geographical location, parking, flooding, fire or gas losses are some of the parameters managed and displayed on smartphones via the App.