Digicom is a brand with 45 years of experience in the development and handling of high-tech products.  In 2017, the Digicom company was merged with the B810 Group, creating a state-of-the-art company capable of developing smart and complex projects.

We offer our experience in a complete range of “Connected solutions” in the areas of: Telecommunication, IoT, Lift and Smart Energy, with project design, manufacturing, Cloud, logistics and services.


Digicom LIFT

The Lift unit works within the Digicom Network and has been developing solutions for lifts and escalators since 2008.
Connected devices, sensors and dedicated algorithms and cloud services are managed in this area.  Gateways, Dialers, Routers, Sensors with cloud and APP are the elements of our Lift ecosystem for vertical mobility, in which devices communicate with each other to always be efficient and optimise maintenance (predictive maintenance).



The Network unit develops solutions for IoT and M2M market, able to connect devices to the internet using cutting edge technologies.
Digicom solutions help customers to solve problems in different applications and market segments as Industry Automation, Lift, Smart Cities and Energy.
In this area you can find Routers, Modems with Cloud to satisfy all the needs with professional and industrial application devices.