Intellienergy new associate member of the Haystack Project

“Imagine a world where people speak to each other in a single language without the need for translation. In the same way, try to imagine a building where intelligent objects communicate with each other through a single universal language. This is the reality of the Haystack methodology to which our Energy division joins as an associate member.”– Luca Focardi, Digicom Energy Intellienergy Division Sales Manager.

The Internet of things and digital ecosystems are leading the way to a new world of interconnected smart buildings that optimize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. How? By leveraging devices and systems that produce data and communicate with each other in order to: reduce energy impact and maintenance costs.

Today, the communication logics between different technological objects within a room and/or a building are different from one system to another, using a variety of physical protocols. The lack of a single common standard language for data management, which allows data to be understood correctly by any supervisory or analysis software, adds significant cost and engineering time to the integration of applications and systems.

To solve the problem, some of the world’s leading manufacturers of building automation systems have started the Haystack Project, the emerging open-source initiative to standardize the definition of metadata for smart buildings, smart appliances and IoT. Haystack is a tagging method, a semantic methodology for recognizing technological objects inside a building. Companies that adopt this nomenclature become interoperable with other systems, bringing added value to their offerings.

We believe in this universal language, which is why our Flower and Flower Plus building management platforms integrate the Haystack protocol into the system. As of this year, our Intellienergy Tech division has joined the Haystack project as an associate member.

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