Leading change: corporate strategic innovation management

Innovation is an essential element in a company’s success, especially in an era when technologies and market trends are changing rapidly. Companies that are able to innovate have the ability to create value by adapting quickly to changing market needs while keeping growing and maintaining their position.

Knowing how to promote and manage innovation is now a key competence in every manager’s profile: creating an organizational culture that promotes openness to change, taking risks and experimenting. However, the challenge of innovation is often faced without defining clear strategies or setting up articulated processes for choosing and organizing R&D and new product development projects. Therefore, it becomes essential to invest in training, and this is what we have done today by hosting a lesson of the Executive Master in Innovation Management, inside our headquarters in Reggio Emilia. The course organized by the Business School di CIS, a company of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with BBS (Bologna Business School) and Human & Technology Training Center allows us to respond to these challenges by providing the necessary skills to deal with issues related to the strategic, organizational and operational management of innovation with a systemic approach.

Our Innovation Manager, Luca Finotto, explained how B810 has embraced innovation management methodologies, techniques and approaches and how they have been implemented in the design flows of products and services being brought to market. Innovation, however, is not only technology, it can take many forms but mainly it is attitude to change, which is now embedded in the B810 Group. Indeed, during the presentation we described the actions taken in this direction, starting with our internal reorganization.