More specialists with “Climate Regulation and Monitoring” courses

Intellienergy Training Courses - Climate control and monitoring

06 December 2022

Since the beginning of December at the Intellienergy Tech headquarters in Florence, training courses have begun, held by Matteo Ceri, on the subject of “Climate regulation and monitoring“.


They are aimed at our customers and all those professionals working in the thermotechnical sector.
Appraisers, technicians, engineers and post-design personnel, interested in monitoring environments and hot and chilled water production equipment in order to optimise and regulate their operation, through intelligent and connected hardware and software products.

The first courses are aimed at those who are less experienced and trying out our solutions for the first time. The next ones are aimed at those who already know us and would like to deepen their skills with Intellienergy Tech – Digicom Energy solutions.
Lastly, we offer courses aimed at experienced users, but especially at those technicians who wish to customise the operation of the products according to their point of view and needs.

All courses will require a commitment of about 4 hours with a dedicated session (about 30 minutes) for questions asked after the presentation by the trainer Matteo Ceri.


The scheduled courses are only online in direct streeming via Google Meet.

At the Intellienergy Tech headquarters in Florence, “tailor-made” courses are also held. These face-to-face classes accommodate a maximum of 6 people.
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Click on this link, and choose which training course to attend.
For each course, the topics covered in the lessons are listed.
The courses are free of charge.