Old receipt at the end of life!

Starting the 1st of January 2020 the electronic receipt becomes mandatory for all economic operators that issue tax receipts, such as merchants, craftsmen, hotels or restaurants.
After the change of the cash registers, (decree 119/2018) the fiscal receipts, as we know them today, won’t exist anymore, even if it must be said that there will be 6 months to adapt to new Regulation (until 30 June).

Approximately 1.5 million operators will be involved in replacing or adapting the old cash register to switch to an electronic cash register (RT).
The electronic storage and telematic transmission of data will be directly connected to the Revenue Agency, avoiding daily registration of the operations.

Digicom, always attentive and ready to changes, offers solutions with professional devices dedicated to Cash Registers such as Router / Modem to allow connections that guarantee security in the transfer of these sensitive data.

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