Our Milan adventure continues in a new location

We are thrilled to announce the recent relocation of our Milan office, which is now located close to the Malpensa Terminal.

This new location represents an important strategic hub for our international clients, making their business trips easier and more efficient. Not only our customers will benefit from cosy spaces, but also our colleagues in the Sales & Marketing department who enjoy dedicated offices.

In addition, we have created an extensive Research and Development (R&D) plan, which has brought together the talents of our two divisions, B810 Mobility IoT and Digicom Energy, with the aim of enhancing collaboration, encouraging knowledge sharing and accelerating innovation through the synergy of skills and resources. This area is complemented by our Technical Support team and Pre-compliance lab.
Our adventure continues in this new location, with the same dedication that made us famous, always maintaining our high quality standards and promise of excellence.

Come and visit us in our new premises at Via della Ronna 53A, Gallarate. It will be an exciting time to share ideas, projects and perspectives for the future, we are waiting for you!