Sound alarm
Simple & Easy

Active 2-way Speakerphone terminal

VoiceBOX is an innovative speakerphone device for remote alarm systems inside Lifts. Extremely versatile, easy and quick to be installed it allows to activate the Remote Alarm System and establish bi-directional audio communications to the Service center or to the Engine room.

The installation is very simple; just connect only 2 wires coming from the  2G Dialer / 4G Dialer or  PSTN Dialer (board or metal box version) to the VoiceBOX and that’s it! The device will take the power from it as well.

The VoiceBOX Pit Water version (for pit installations with SOS button) can also manage a water sensor to detect pit flooding.
In this case VoiceBox sends this information through the Lift Dialer to the help desk.


  • EN81-28 and EN81-70 compliant
  • Requires only 2 wires for connection
  • Lift Emergency LEDs
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Available in 3 versions: Top/Pit, CAR, Button only
  • Product Code 8D5780
  • Product Code 8D5780 PW – water sensor management