B.OND. DT-07

App monitoring
Cloud / APP
Fast tracking
Tefht Tracking
Sound alarm
Up to 4 years battery life
Wireless Installation
Grado IP

Micro Locator for vehicles

DT-07 is a GSM/GPS compact Self-Powered Device to be simply placed everywhere (hidden) in the vehicle to provide real-time information on the position of the vehicles of your fleet.
In addition to the GPS position, B.OND. DT-07 sends diagnostic information about the device status to the Digicom Connect cloud platform.

B.OND. DT-07 works completely autonomously with an integrated (non-rechargeable) battery, it does not require any wiring and can be installed in several parts of the vehicle.
In fact it doesn’t need any power supply, the internal battery guarantees up to 4 years of operation depending on the use case.


  • Compact – sized, for easy hide installation
  • Battery powered, no wires require
  • Built-in GPS and GSM antennas
  • Cortex M3 Microcontroller
  • Shock and water resistant (IP67)
  • Code 8D5871A