Casa Protetta – Methane, LPG, carbon monoxide sensor

This sensor is an auxiliary accessory for the safety of the home where there are stoves, stoves, fireplaces and gas boilers.

Equipped with a powerful sound alarm and wireless communication with the central unit, the sensor detects the presence of gas (LPG and methane) and carbon monoxide in the environment, protecting it from potentially disastrous events.
Like all Casa Protetta sensors, in the event of an alarm, the control unit will notify you via the APP on your smartphone or tablet.
It consists of a sensor part and a transmitter.

The presence of a gas detector DOES NOT exempt from observing the good rules of installation, maintenance and use of gas or heating appliances.


  • 868 MHz wireless bidirectional. Color: white
  • 220Vac power with back-up rechargeable battery (9V)
  • Code 8D5813DA