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Bidirectional Speakerphone Terminal

Coppy BOX is an innovative and versatile audio terminal for lift remote alarm applications, used when performing voice stations management on lift top or pit.

Coppy BOX takes the necessary for operation from the central unit Coppy, including the connections of the microphone, speakers and power supply.

The button management on Coppy BOX is performed through 2 wires only and no other connection is required. Particular care has been paid to its realization to ensure the best audio quality.
Its compact size (thickness of 19mm) makes the installation easier both on top or pit or in applications with the Coppy Metal BOX version behind the cabin operator panel (COP).


  • Passive bidirectional speakerphone terminal
  • 2 alarm leds EN 81-28
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Remote powered by Coppy
  • Voice stations managemen
  • Product code 8D5898