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Batteria Ricaricabile
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868 MHz radio
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“All in One” Remote Alarm for lifts

The Remote Alarm Coppy Metal BOX contains all the technology of Coppy in a rugged metal case for the typical installation on the lift top.

Thanks to the speakerphone terminals Coppy BOX, installation on the top is simple. It takes place with a normal LAN cable and makes the Coppy system one of the fastest to install both in new installations and modernizations.
Coppy Metal BOX is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery to guarantee absolute performances up to 6 hours in stand-by, even after years.

In case of “out of order” conditions with lift lock, the trapped people can activate the call to the Service Center by simply pressing the button in the Car. The alarm call will be immediately generated through the telephone line and at the same time a comfort audio message will be played to inform that an emergency call has been forwarded to the Service Center.


  • PSTN remote alarm
  • Local and remote configuration via DTMF tones
  • Bluetooth local configuration
  • Voice stations management through Coppy BOX
  • 868MHz IoT sensors for water in pit and smoke
  • EN 81-28 standard compliant
  • Product code 8D5894B