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868 MHz radio
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“All in One” Remote Alarm for lifts

Coppy is a PSTN remote alarm designed to comply with the new needs of the sector, it is even easier and faster to install as well as economical.

Its compact size makes it suitable for fixing behind the COP operator panel or on the top of the lift in the Metal Box version.
Like other products dedicated to remote alarm, Coppy is used both for new installations and for modernization.

In case of “out of order” conditions with lift lock, the trapped people can activate the call to the Service Center by simply pressing the button in the Car. Coppy will generate an ID through the DTMF protocol for the correct management by the Service Center.

The system is completed by Coppy BOX speakerphone terminals for the needs of voice stations on the top and pit.


  • PSTN remote alarm
  • Local and remote configuration via DTMF tones
  • Bluetooth local configuration
  • Voice stations management through Coppy BOX
  • 868MHz IoT sensors for water in pit and smoke
  • EN 81-28 standard compliant
  • Product code 8D5894