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Long life battery
accelerometro tri-assiale 3D-axis accelerometer
3D-axis accelerometer
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Small Size

IoT sensor for lift doors

Look@DOOR is Digicom’s IoT sensor specifically designed to detect the correct functionality of lift doors.

Look@DOOR uses BLE 5.0 technology to send door information via the Look@BOX device and includes a 3-axis accelerometer sensor to detect door openings/closings and barrier actions.

Once the system has been activated, Look@BOX starts sending data to the Look@Cloud platform, which will report any anomalies.
It is therefore possible to respond promptly in the event of problems or to anticipate scheduled maintenance depending on the use of the lift.



  • Integrated 3D-axis accelerometer
  • Bluetooth 5.0 low energy
  • Long battery life
  • Product code 8D5903