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Long life battery
accelerometro tri-assiale 3D-axis accelerometer
3D-axis accelerometer
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Small Size

Sensor for electric motors, escalators and lifts

Look@INDUSTRY is Digicom’s IoT sensor specifically designed to detect the operation of electric motors in escalators or lifts.
Various problems can be generated in motors: from mechanical problems in the bearings to loss of insulation.

Look@INDUSTRY is a battery-operated Bluetooth sensor equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer that installed on gearboxes and motors can detect variations or anomalies.
The data collected by Look@INDUSTRY is sent to our Look@Cloud via one of our Gateways (Look@BOX or 4G LIFTGATE).

It is therefore possible to respond promptly in the event of problems or to anticipate scheduled maintenance depending on the use of the lift.



  • Integrated 3D-axis accelerometer
  • Bluetooth 5.0 low energy
  • Long battery life
  • Product code 8D5906