Dedicated App
BLE Technology
Emergency Notification
Sound alarm
4 Years Battery duration
Easy installation
Cloud / APP

Anti-abandon pad for children

Tippy Pad is an anti-abandonment accessory that applied to the car seat detects the presence of the child.
By connecting it via Bluetooth to the smartphone via a dedicated App, Tippy Pad allows the parent to monitor the child’s safety by preventing the risk of forgetting inside the car.

Once the emergency numbers are memorized, Tippy Pad alerts the parent with a notification (alarm on the smartphone) in case it goes away leaving the child inside the car.
In case of non-response to the notification, it allows you to send an SMS to the preset telephone numbers indicating the geographical coordinates of the car, creating a real rescue network.

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  • Suitable for any car seat
  • App dedicated, compatible iOS / Android, manages up to 4 devices
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Battery life 4 years
  • Product compliant with European regulations
  • Code 8E4610