The new restrictions due to the containment of COVID-19, provide for the measurement of temperature at the entrance of offices, factories, shopping centers, shops, restaurants etc. for an early identification of feverish states.
Digicom dedicates a line CHECK’N’GO with products and solutions for monitoring and controlling people’s health status as a preventive measure, with the aim of avoiding potential health risk situations.

The LIFT division is the core of communications solutions for the lifts of the future. Technological products for the protection of personal safety in the lift and for Internet connection (EEIoT). Gateways, Dialers, Routers are the key elements in the lift of the future ecosystem, for vertical mobility, where devices communicate to each other, to be always efficient and to optimize maintenance (Predictive Maintenance).

The industrial division has always covered communications with the machines M2M and IoT applications.

Using all the available technologies, it deals with communication systems dedicated to the world of legal gaming or tax payment systems using
4G, 3G and 2G Modems, 4G Gateways and Routers that manage the several protocols easily and quickly.

Smart Metering products with various radio technologies, Mesh solutions with W-MBus protocol for heat and water metering are born in this division.

In addition, Digicom dedicates a CHECK’N’GO line with products and solutions for monitoring and controlling the health of people as a preventive measure.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a paradigm referring to a technological path by which all everyday objects can take on their own digital identity, through the Internet. The Pleasure of an Always Connected World We have carried out studies and produced goods with different applications for many markets, where the consumer’s pleasure of usage is bound to the rapid learning of new technologies.

A selected product portfolio specifically targeted to the Small Office and Home Office needs, brought to the market through partnerships with the most valued and specialized national distributor chains, VARs and dealers, among more than 2000 sales points in Italy. Wired and Wireless Networking devices, accessories and much more for connecting your Home and Office.

Taking advantage of our team’s specific expertises, we can work on Special Projects, designing ad-hoc solutions for our customers applications and needs. New technologies have played a key role in the development of these projects allowing big companies to come closer to consumers and understand their preferences. That’s why thanks to special projects we have developed products for leading companies in the Lift, Metering and Security fields, reaching high levels of excellence.

Safety: products designed for companies to increase their workers‘ safety, taking preventive measures that ensure a safe workplace.
Lift: know-how and solutions designed for the Lift market that allow the connection of the lifts to the Internet for better performances, functionalities and to offer new services.
Metering: a generation of intelligent, technological and low-power measuring devices applied to metering and Smart Metering applications.