1.1.3. Support for the economic valorisation of innovation through the experimentation and adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organisational formulas, as well as through the financing of the industrialisation of research results

Project financed by the “Aid for Research and Development” call for proposals –

The aim of the KINITIKI project is to study and design an innovative generator incorporating electrical energy storage based on the flywheel mechanical matrix, capable of supplying energy to buildings in a renewable way and to be in action in a very short time. Mechanical systems based on flywheels are indeed characterised by high efficiency, high durability and can be recharged very quickly. The system is different from ordinary batteries because it allows more instantaneous power to be extracted for the same amount of stored energy. The project is based on the study of low-cost construction materials and the study to decrease alternator losses in the low load phase.



CUP: G88C17000210006

ARTICLE Sub-Action 1.1.3 a

Research Body: University of Cagliari

CUP ROD: F21I17000190006

Total amount of the project: 599,200.00 €

Amount covered by the programmes: 329.450,50 €

Source: POR-FESR SARDEGNA 2014-2020

Dates: Start 01/03/2018 – End 31/12/2021

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