Air quality in Italian public spaces: mechanical ventilation systems soon mandatory

Indoor air exchange is crucial for the health of people’s occupants. From December 4, 2022, in schools and public buildings, it will no longer be enough simply to open windows to ensure the healthiness of the spaces, as the installation of controlled mechanical ventilation systems will become mandatory. The systems will have to be managed and monitored to minimize their energy impact.

On August 6, 2022, the Decrees of June 23, 2022, by which the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition updated the CAM – Minimum Environmental Criteria – were published in the Official Gazette. Thanks to this standard, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) within Institutes and Public Buildings takes a big step forward.
Most of these buildings, however, are operated through performance-based contracts (𝗘𝗣𝗖), in which the energy carrier is the responsibility of the operator.
It therefore becomes critical to have hardware tools in the field and a platform that are able to monitor and provide information and tools to the operator to highlight related energy impacts.

Our Digicom Energy Intellienergy division offers an integrated solution that, with its wired and wireless sensors, Flower platform, KPI modules and specialized proprietary algorithms, allows you to keep tabs on key energy service values.

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