The Alma Mater University of Bologna and B810 Group: together to drive innovation

Collaboration between universities and Enterprises is the engine of innovation, a correlation of strategic importance for the Country’s development.

Creating powerful synergies between universities and companies is crucial for universities’ appeal, companies’ competitiveness, students’ employability, and above all, the economic and social growth of our territories. From this perspective, B810 Group, which makes connectivity and innovation the core pillars of its business, has welcomed Professor Bononi, Ordinary Professor at the IT Department – Science and Engineering of Alma Mater Studiorum – Bologna University.

Professor Bononi, PhD in Computer Science (2001), author of numerous publications and awards, conducts research in related fields: Wireless Systems and Networks (in particular communication protocols and performance evaluation), Internet of Things (platforms and services), Smart Cities (with particular reference to Smart Mobility and Smart Energy Systems) and Innovative Mobile Applications (Android, iOS).

We are excited about this academic convention. The graduate courses related to areas such as IoT and Connectivity are for us hubs of resources that work in a complementary way to our business reality. This is why Professor Bononi, thanks to his expertise, is the ideal liaison between the B810 Group and the students,” explains Luca Finotto (Chief Program Officer).

During the meeting, the manager presented the company in all its Business components, highlighting the design aspects in the IoT field, especially the technologies managed by the R&D of the different Business Units that make up the B810 group, and the production details related to the development of an IoT device.

Precisely because we are a complete reality that makes expertise and technologies available to customers, dialoguing and designing with them at 4 hands, similarly we want to be the right partner that helps students to set their ideas on the ground, making them concrete from a production point of view,” Finotto concludes.