The evolution of the Energy Business Unit continues: Intelliservice is born!

Intelliservice - Piu servizi ai clienti

17 April 2023

In a competitive and distinctive world, we increasingly aim to provide a complete system to our customers. In addition to our Energy, Communication and Cloud management and monitoring products, we are also increasing the service part.

With the birth of Intelliservice, we are able to offer more and more services to customers by also integrating our partners (both system integrators and installers) into our ecosystem in order to embrace our customer in the round.

A well-defined strategy that helps make our brand identity clear, its distinctive value and the promise we make to our customers every day.


Intelliservice s.c.r.l. was established today to offer a complete service in the smart energy division: from preventive surveys to the supply of regulation and building management systems, their installation, start-up and commissioning.
Formed as a consortium, it gives our new partners access to perform works directly without subcontracting.

This is how Energy customers find in Intelliservice an additional added value that enriches our proposition.

This is one of the great challenges we face today, and this will be the terrain on which we must confront and compete to gain a lasting advantage.