Intelligence in the air!

Convegno: Progettiamo l’aria pura

03 November 2022

The conference Progettiamo l’aria pura” to be held in Milan is dedicated to the design of plants and systems for Indoor Air Quality, with the aim of ensuring air quality in all environments.

Among the speakers Luca Rapone, General Manager of Intellienergy Tech – Digicom Energy, will illustrate our controlled mechanical ventilation system capable of coordinating the functions of air conditioning systems in environments such as schools, hospitals, gyms, museums, and nursing homes.

The solution involves the modulation of fresh air and energy use in order to guarantee comfort values. In the redevelopment of existing buildings, device communication is guaranteed by a wireless system that simplifies and reduces installation time, consisting of battery-powered CO2, VOC, Temperature and Humidity probes.

The aim is to minimise energy consumption, and to do this the system components communicate with each other using specially designed algorithms. This is complemented by the remote control software platform, which allows instant monitoring and comparison of all parameters, highlighting discrepancies between air quality and energy consumption.


We look forward to seeing you in Milan | 15 November 2022 | Palazzo della Cultura – Tecniche Nuove Spa

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